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Describe the Wide Application of Three-drum Dryer

Three cylinder rotary dryer or three-drum dryer is applied to dry wet material, which size is less than 20mm. The material could be coal, slag, concentrate, sand and etc. The rotary dryer shell is self-insulation, thermal efficiency up to 80%, the production increase 100%. The whole shell length is shorter than the single drum 60%, it is good for the technology layout, reduce the covering area, and reduce the foundation investment.

The three-drum dryer, belonging to rotary dryer, is produced by improving the single cylinder dryer. The function of pre-drying wet material in advance is added inside the three-cylinder dryer. The three-cylinder dryer can prolong the drying time of wet material in the machine, and it has good sealing and can improve 50% to 80% of efficiency. Its operation is simple, and it has been widely praised after it is put on the market.

This industrial dryer adopts roller and belt friction transmission, has a low power transmission and reduces the noise of equipment. Sealing system uses a micro touch technology, has a better sealing effect, reduces the dust pollution. The three-cylinder dryer can adapt to coal, oil, gas and other various fuels, can dry lump, particle shape,and powder and so on many kinds of materials, accord with a policy to create an environment friendly, resource conservation-oriented society, and is an environmental protection energy-saving products which is the replacement of traditional drying equipment.

Wide Application of Three-drum Dryer:

1. Chemical industry: gypsum powder of desulphurization gypsum stir-frying half water model and building gypsum powder, clay, diatomaceous earth, kaolin, bauxite

2. Ore: ore, slag, mineral power, limestone, quartz, fluorite powder, sand, iron ore, metalore concentrates, metal tailings, coal, etc.

3. Fertilizer: compound fertilizer, organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, ammonium sulfate fertilizer

4. Metal: metal powder, iron powder, iron filings, steel scrap, copper filings, etc.

5. Wood: sawdust, small wood chips, wood veneer.

6. Agriculture: straw, grass, turf, animal manure

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Care about Main Features of Cassava Slag Dryer

Cassava slag dryer is also called cassava dryer, cassava chip dryer and cassava dregs dryer, which is widely used to dry materials whose moisture content is less than 85% like cassava slag, cassava, straw, potato slag, sawdust, straw, grass and turf. Its thermal efficiency reaches 90% which is much higher than that of domestic similar dryer.

Main Features of Cassava Slag Dryer:

1. Adopt downstream drying method, the hot air with wet materials enter into the dryer by the same side, can use the high temperature air to achieve very high evaporation strength, the exist temperature of dryer is low, the thermal efficiency is high.

2. New internal structure, strengthened the already scattered materials' cleaning and heat transfer effect, eliminated the sticky phenomenon in cylinder body's inner wall, make material moisture, sticky adaptability more stronger.

3. According to different materials' properties change operation parameters, make the material in the dryer cylinder body can form a stable all broken fabric curtain, qualitative heat is more fully.

4. Drying machine adopts 'center-adjusting roller device', make the cooperation of roller and rolling ring always show linear contact which greatly reduces the wear and power consumption.

5. New feeding and discharging device eliminate the feeding jams, discontinuous, uneven and returning charge etc. Phenomenon, reduce the load of dust removal system.

6. According to customer's request control product size and moisture, when dry slime, the moisture can reach below 8%, particle size can be controlled below 8mm.

7. Rotary dryer has realized 'zero horizontal thrust', greatly reduce the wear of block roller, cylinder's operation is smooth and reliable;

8. Rotary drum dryer has Strong anti overload ability, large handling capacity, less fuel consumption, low dry cost.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional mining machinery manufacturer in China, mainly producing rock breakers, mobile quarry plant, ore dressing equipment, grinding mills, building materials equipment, rotary drum dryer, etc. If you have any question about the products for sale, welcome to contact with Fote Machinery:

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Introduce Modern Technology of Powder Grinding Mill

In recent years, the rapid development of modern society and economy in our country, the market demand and industrial materials are also gradually increasing, such as various kinds of metal, non-metallic materials and the dosage of chemical mineral, so materials’ crushing and grinding scale is also increasing. At the same time, the traditional crushing and processing equipment can no longer meet the needs of the domestic market of mining processing and production. Milling equipment is powder’s processing and manufacturing equipment, it is involved in various fields, such as metallurgy, building materials, cement, mining and other industries, and it plays an important role among these industries.

At present, the new grinding technology of powder grinding machine adopts the new vertical pendulum grinding roll device. Its grinding ring and the grinding roller are always in a balanced state in the grinding process, and it will form a uniform line contact milling area. According to the feedbacks and suggestions, the latest grinding machine has been done painstaking research and innovation design, and the model uses a bevel gear transmission, the internal thin oil lubrication system, curved duct and other latest patented technology.

From Raymond mill to new euro grinding, etc., powder grinding equipment has been constantly updated and optimized, and the production efficiency and equipment performance are improved greatly. Powder grinding machine is also developing in the direction of high efficiency, high fineness and quality constantly. The research and development of micro powder mill is improved to a more high-end field, and its technical level has achieved advanced level.

As a high quality grinding equipment manufacturer, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. provides various powder making machine with high quality and reasonable price. The technology innovation of grinding equipment will provide powerful guarantee for healthy and sustainable development of the economy. Welcome to visit and purchase:

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Technical Features and Advantages of Hongxing Sand Making Machine

Sand maker, which is also called HX series vertical shaft impact crusher, is high-efficiency equipment to make sand. Sand making machine is widely used for crushing hard and brittle materials such as rock, grinding material, refractory material, cement clinker, quartzite, iron ore, concrete aggregate, etc.

Technical Features and Advantages of Hongxing Sand Making Machine:

1. the international quality assurance - the latest foreign advanced technology and riveting technology and automotive technology Eve appearance sandblasting treatment and painting process applications, greatly improves the device's inherent quality and appearance quality. Core components are selected internationally renowned brands (high-precision level of rolling bearings), ensure that the system low failure rate.

2. a multi-purpose machine, the use of flexible - a unique feeding crushing structure, with a variety of crushing chamber can easily achieve 'rock stone' and 'stone blacksmith' conversion, thus solving a multi-purpose machine problems. If you need to change the application of VSI sand maker, no big adjustment, can adapt to the different needs of users: sand, integer, abrasive materials.

3. easy to install, easy to operate - equipment, light weight, installation and diverse, mobile installation; installation, repair and maintenance is simple and easy to operate; once clear and specific purpose, VSI sand maker just make minor adjustments, be maximize its superior performance.

4. emphasis on environmental protection - equipment and low noise, no pollution. The unique air from the circulatory system, greatly reducing the amount of exhaust outside, reduce dust, environmentally friendly. Furthermore VSI crusher reserved and will fit many sizes dedusting equipment.

5. excellent grain type products-products are cubic, good grain, gradation and adjustable fineness modulus especially for artificial sand and stone shaping, proved sand than other traditional equipment, orthopedic effect increased by 30%.

6. thin oily. Slip, auto maintenance-using imported dilute oil lubrication. Slip stations, double oil pump ensure complementarity; no oil flow, no oil pressure automatic shutdown; water cooling and winter heating start the motor.

7. low consumption of wearing parts-the best material impact angle crushing chamber design, less friction and wear parts, lower operating costs than traditional equipment 40%, directly reduce the equipment cost.

8. the hydraulic device, easy to maintain-hydraulic openings device inside the broken pieces of removable convenient maintenance, downtime, saving time and effort.

9. large capacity, high output - 50-500t / h, with the same power compared to conventional equipment, production increased by 30% and stable.

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What Need You Know about Combination Crusher?

The combination crusher or compound crusher is a kind of production equipment, which is mainly used to process and crush various stone with medium hardness. The combination crusher equipment can be seen in many production sites, such as the coal refuse production sites and the coal ash production sites. It adopts vertical structure and suitable motor power to drive the rotor which is rotating inside it. Combination stone crusher is developed by combining the pre-breakage technology of domestic and foreign countries, and optimizing the key structure parameters. It is designated mainly for grinding of cement raw materials (limestone) and cement clinker in cement factories.

Compound crusher equipment is one of mining machinery industry and also occupies a very important position in the market. Dozens of different equipments such as Combination crusher, Jaw crusher , springcone crusher , Impact crusher , compound cone crusher and so on are indispensable in deep processing of raw material of scoal, electricity, building materials and other fields, and also provide based technology equipment support for the railway and highway construction, water conservancy construction, municipal engineering contruction, etc.

Compound crusher has large throughput, high production capacity and unique design so that the costs of maintenance reduced and production efficiency greatly improved. The development of compound crusher should be continuous, so as to improve its technical level and performance, which not only leads to its reasonable and perfect use, but also has a corresponding role for the state of other mineral resources. Hongxing Machinery is the professional compound crusher manufacturer who continues to improve the crushing equipment step by step.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the professional crusher manufacturers in China, providing the quarry crusher with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, pollution-free characteristics, excellent technology, first-class service. Welcome to visit and purchase:

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Introduce Installation Methods of Ceramic Ball Mill

The ball mill is key equipment for re-crushing materials after being primarily crushed. It has been widely used in a wide range of manufacturing industries such as cement, silicate, new type building materials, fireproofing, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal and glass ceramics. Chinaware ball mill is mainly used for mixing and milling materials, which is also known as ceramic ball mill. This grinding miller is warmly welcomed due to the even output fineness and low energy consumption.

Installation Methods if Ceramic Ball Mill:

1. Install ball grinding mill, the first main bearing should be installed. In order to avoid aggravating the hollow journal of the lining of the shoulder and bearing wear, the two main bearings of the elevation difference between the base plate, each meter in length should not exceed 0.25 mm.

2. the installing ball grinder drive components (pinion, uranium, coupling, reducer, motor, etc.). During installation, technical standards should be measured and adjusted. Check the ring gear and pinion radial pendulum meshing poor performance; gear and small gear concentricity; and the concentricity of motor and reducer. When all the installations meet the requirements before it can be the foundation bolts and ball mill bearings bottom end of the main watering.

3. install the cylinder ball grinder department, with specific conditions, can be pre-assembled directly mounted on the simplified Ministry, can be divided into several parts to install, and adjust the journal and should check with the center line of the ball mill, the error must be concentric ensure that every meter in length should be less than 0.25 mm.

The advantages of ceramic ball mill or Chinaware ball mill of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. include low investment, low energy consumption, novel structure, simple operation, safe operation, etc. Ceramic ball mill is suitable for mixing and grinding common and particular materials. Users can choose the proper type according to actual situations. Welcome to visit Hongxing Machinery:

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